Thursday, January 31, 2013

Whisky News: Diageo Sees Increase in Sales Of Scotch


Interesting news out of the big boys at Diageo.  Looks like folks all around the world are seeing a renewed interest in Scotch, which is driving sales, at least for the maker of Johnnie Walker and J&B.  Markets like China, Mexico and South Africa seem to be making the most move towards the brown spirits, while EU nations aren't particularly following suit.

We're going to stick with our beloved bourbon over here, but it's good to know what people are drinking these days.

BBC News - Sales increase for Scotch whisky firm Diageo:

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BottleRocket Free Whiskey in February!

Its not every day that someone offers you free whiskey, and then proceeds to offer really GOOD free whiskey.  Somehow, that's what's going on at Bottlerocket here in New York for the entire month of February.  Seems like a great deal doesn't it?  The A.B.S. Dean thinks so, in fact, upon hearing about this his response was:

Wow this is tough. Now I know this is going make me sound like an absolute alcoholic, but I would absolutely take a whole month off to attend everyday.

If I can pick one I would choose the Eagle Rare single barrel bourbon day as a must attend. But The Macallans day is one I would be willing to try and get to also.

'Nuff said.  Check out the details in the link below.

Drew - Free Whiskey in February!:

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The 2013 Bacon & Bourbon Expo at Astor Center

This event is exactly what it sounds like: A feast of bacon and a ton of bourbons to sample.  If we at A.B.S. need to explain to you why this is amazing, or why you should go, or why it's worth the cost of admission and the cost of the expensive jewelry you'll have to buy your lady for skipping out on Valentine's Day to drink bourbon and eat pig fat, then we here at A.B.S. have not been doing our jobs.

Great event at Astor Center here in New York, which we still contest is the greatest liquor store in the world.

Check it out, but know that this goes QUICK!

The 2013 Bacon & Bourbon Expo at Astor Center - Wine and Food Experiences in New York City:

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